Romulus Athletic Club

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We Are The Flyers!


The purposes of the Romulus Athletic Club is to promote citizenship, sportsmanshi p, fellowship, and physical development among the youth of the city of Romulus. To sponsor and promote organized sports events for these children. This includes football teams eligible to play n the Downriver Junior Football League, or any similar football league, which may be formed. Players to be selected on a first come first serve basis with preference to the previous years' participants who will be given the option of pre-registration. To purchase and own athletic equipment and facilities necessary to the sponsorship of this sport.

To promote the physical, mental and moral development and well being of youth, without regard to race, creed, color, or religion by providing the means through which the individual shall receive education and instruction in sports programs. The purpose of setting up such a program will be to develop a sense of fair play, honesty, fair competition and true sportsmanship. Furthermore, to protect the emotional health and welfare an emphasis shall be placed upon equal competitive standards scientifically determined rather than upon the winning of games or any other adult competitive standard.





   We Are The Flyers!!!